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"global" timeout with send mail action
Is it possible to have a 'global' timeout check, which checks when a macro does nothing for 60 seconds => macro is waiting for an event, no other macro actions are being processed (like: clicking, reading, writing, et...) for 60 seconds.

For example in my case, I use firefox webpages to trigger actions (launch screenshot application, save to text file,....etc...)
Sometimes my macro hangs on a certain page and this is because of all sorts of reasons: loaded page being blank, screenshot tool not properly triggered, ...etc...

In my case the macro just waits and does absolutely nothing but wait, if I then manually intervene by clicking something the macro continues perfectly.

That's why I wanted to know if it is possible to adjust any macro code in such a way, that when 60 seconds nothing happens I run another macro called "notify" (which sends me an email).
Not possible to globally adjust any macro code. If using a wait function, specify a timeout, and it will throw error then.

Macro Macro1844
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wait 5 ML
,mes "5 s timeout"
ok thanks!

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