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Joystick/gamepad button triggers
Function joystick_button_triggers
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/exe 1

;Runs a macro when a joystick button pressed. Also supports gamepad and other similar devices. Max 32 buttons.

;1. Test if this function is working:
;;;;Run this function and press joystick buttons. It should show some debug info in QM output. If not, does not work.
;;;;If works, set the debugMode variable to 0. Initially it is 1, which disables macros and instead shows debug info.

;2. Create list of macros here:
;;;;Edit the example list below. Replace with names of your macros.
;;;;Can be max 32 lines, one for a button. For buttons without macros, use ; like in the example.

;3. Run this function and test again whether the macros run when you press a button. If does not run, try to set debugMode=1 and see debug info.

;May not work if QM is running as admin. Try to run this function in separate process as user: add 1 space before /exe 1. Then after editing the list will need to end old thread.
;This function must be running all the time. Recommended trigger: 'QM events / QM file loaded'; don't check synchronous.
;You can edit the list later, at any time. After editing run this function again to apply changes.

;list of macros to assign to joystick buttons
str macros=
;button 1 macro
;button 2 macro
;button 5 macro
;button 6 macro

;change these variables if need
int debugMode=1 ;;if nonzero, does not run macros, but shows pressed button etc in QM output
int joystickID=0 ;;can be from 0 to number of attached joysticks - 1
double pollInterval=0.02 ;;if sometimes skips button, try 0.01. Smaller values are bad for your computer performance.

;don't change code below

int+ __jt_stop=1; rep() if(getopt(nthreads)>1) 0.1; else __jt_stop=0; break ;;stop trigger thread if already running. An easy way to restart after editing this macro.

JOYINFOEX j.dwSize=sizeof(j); j.dwFlags=JOY_RETURNBUTTONS
if(joyGetPosEx(joystickID &j)) out "joystick_button_triggers: joystick %i is not attached" joystickID; ret

int buttons i mm
ARRAY(str) a=macros; if(a.len>=32) err end "max 32 buttons supported"
for(i 0 a.len) if(a[i].len) mm|1<<i ;;create mask of buttons with assigned macros

,wait pollInterval
,if(__jt_stop) ret
,if(joyGetPosEx(joystickID &j)) continue
,int k=j.dwButtons^buttons&j.dwButtons; buttons=j.dwButtons; if(!k) continue
,if(debugMode) outx k
,,if(debugMode) out "no macros are assigned to this button"
,for(i 0 a.len) if(k>>i&1) break
,if(debugMode) out "macro '%s' is assigned to button %i" a[i] i+1
#if !EXE
,int iid=qmitem(a[i])
,if(!iid) out "joystick_button_triggers: macro '%s' not found" a[i]; continue
,if(dis(iid) or dis&0x90)
,,if(debugMode) out "the macro or QM is disabled, or user-defined triggers disabled in Options"
,mac iid; err out _error.description
,str cl=F"M ''{a[i]}''"
,int w=win("" "QM_Editor")
,if(w) SendMessageW w WM_SETTEXT 1 @cl; else run "qmcl.exe" cl

;guid  {6721B8CA-2E6C-450C-B917-45AE01AAF8D4}
I was curious about controlling PC with gamepad using QM.
When I copied the code into a function, the following was not recognized by QM:

- joyGetPosEx
- outx

I looked here about the "joyGetPosEx" -API: ... 5%29.aspx#
The only thing I can provide is that "winmm.dll" is in my "c:\Windows\System32\" folder.

(Or is this function obsolete?)
joyGetPosEx is in WINAPI, and should be recognized (becomes blue after run or compile the macro)
Macro Macro2742
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type JOYINFOEX dwSize dwFlags dwXpos dwYpos dwZpos dwRpos dwUpos dwVpos dwButtons dwButtonNumber dwPOV dwReserved1 dwReserved2 [pack1]
dll winmm #joyGetPosEx uJoyID JOYINFOEX*pji
outx can be changed to out or removed.
Function outx
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function x
out "0x%X" x
Thank you!!!

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