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New user here! Hopefully a simple question
Hi there,

I'm a new user; downloaded QM last night and have been finding it really cool. I've been having it repeat sending Alt-1 to a window 5 times with a 5 second wait in between each, and then having it send Alt-2 to the same window twice, with a 300 second wait in between each. Then I have it repeat the whole thing again.

It was working great when I could have that window be in the foreground, but I haven't been able to find a way to get it to run in the background. I've searched the forums and saw some promising threads, but didn't find anything that worked for me. Maybe it's not possible, but I thought I'd ask!

If anyone can give me any idea of how to accomplish this, I'd be very grateful!
QM does not have a function to send keys to a window without focus that would support Alt. I'll try to create such function when have more time.

You can install a virtual PC, for example Microsoft Virtual PC 2007, or VMware Player, and run QM and the software there. It will work when virtual PC window is in background.

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