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Encrypt QM Decrypt PHP
This isn't really a QM question...more of a PHP, but I hope someone might know more about this than I do.

Basically I'm using QM to prepare data and run IntGetFile where the URL contains querystring data that is used by functions in a PHP file to process database entries. I'd like to encrypt (Blowfish?) the querystring portion of the URL. That way the PHP file can contain the key and decrypt the querystring. Encrypting in QM is so easy...just put the algorithm, the data, and the key and boom encrypted string.

PHP has mcrypt_decrypt funciton, but it is a lot more complicated and I am having troubles getting it to decrypt data encrypted by QM.

I don't understand the concept of the $iv variable in the mcrypt_decrypt either.

Perhaps there is a way to write the QM function that will work with PHP mcrypt_decrypt ?

I guess I'm looking to do something like:

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