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Object Location Null

I have an object that has a location of Null, so whenever i go to use .Mouse(1) on the object it sends me to the top left corner of my screen which doesn't help me at all. I was wondering if there is a way to assign the object an x y cx cy location.

Any help would be grateful.

Thank you
Some object give incorrect location or some other accessible property. It may be a bug in its host program.
I forgot to inform that the object i am trying to access is a MENUITEM. Is there another way to access the MENUITEM even though the x y cx cy are all 0s?
The menu item is visible then?
DoDefaultAction does not work?
The object is a child of another MENUITEM not Menubar (sorry), and the only way that i can get it to be visible is to first click on the parent object (which i can do), but when i use DoDefaultAction on the child object i get this error "0x80020003, Member not found."
To click menu items usually we use keyboard. Alt+underlined letter. You can record it.

Or, if it is standard menu, use men() function. You can record it, also there is a dialog.

If not standard menu, and does not respond to keyboard, will need to show/click using mouse. You can record it.

DoDefaultAction often does not work with hidden objects. Then says 'error, member not found'.

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