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Creating File

I am working on trying to name a file based off of a certain name from a window. My problem is that the version number i want to use does not show up when i search for all objects in that window. The object name is just blank. Example would be me trying to use the "Quick Macros Forum" but when i search the name it is blank. I was thinking if there was a way to do a full window search that isn't of the objects, but of the content within the window right now, and If it finds the word "Quick" it would select "Quick" along with "Macros" and Forums" and combine it into a single string.

I am sorry that i such example, but i am not allow to provide any type of information about the program i am building the macro for. I could not think of another window that was similar enough to what i needed as well.

Thank you
Quick Macros cannot get window text that is not an accessible object.

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