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Internet browser problem
I dont know what happend but since a couple of days im not able to drag any object in any internet browser.

It happens with Find Acc objects dialog and also Find HTML elemts dialog.

Both only catching the whole window (without title and menu bar)

Any ideas what could be the reason for that?

Thank you.
If you catch whole window, what code is generated?
What is Windows version and QM version?
Maybe after installing some software or Windows update?
Windows Xp Pro SP3

I did not install any software but did windows update not sure if the problem came up right after it.

Macro Macro
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int w=win("Google - Windows Internet Explorer" "IEFrame")

Acc a.Find(w "CLIENT" "" "class=Shell DocObject View" 0x1004)

Htm e=htm("HTML" "" "" w 0 0 0x20)
No problem on my Windows XP SP3.
Are all the web page objects in the tree in "Find accessible object" dialog?

- WINDOW (Shell DocObject View) ""
> - CLIENT ""
> > - WINDOW (Shell DocObject View) ""
> > > CLIENT ""

thats all.
Looks like a document of other type, not web page, is open in Internet Explorer.
Maybe it is related to antivirus software. Try to disable temporarily.
On my PC is IE 8 and Avast antivirus latest free version.
same result.

I use IE8 and Avira..

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