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Determining Display Name
Hi Gintaras,
Under Display properties in Windows, under the Settings Tab, there is a listing of the Display monitors attached to the computer. Is it possible to get these names in a function?
e.g. "Barco MG7879" or "Dell U240" etc. Sometimes it will just say default monitor but that's ok.
Thanks, S
This should get monitor name, but it is "Generic PnP Monitor", not true name.
Macro get names of video cards and monitors
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DISPLAY_DEVICE d.cb=sizeof(d)
DISPLAY_DEVICE dd.cb=sizeof(dd)
for _i 0 1000000
,if(!EnumDisplayDevices(0 _i &d 0)) break
,lpstr s=&d.DeviceString
,out "card: %s" s
,if EnumDisplayDevices(&d.DeviceName 0 &dd 0)
,,out "monitor: %s" s
This works perfect. Thanks as always!!!

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