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Debugging Arrays
Is there any option with the debug command to show the elements of an array ?

Do you have a more elegant way to check arrays?

I am using a member function:
Member function str.GetElements
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function ARRAY(str)'arr

; str s.GetElements(arr)
; out s

for int'i 0 arr.len
,str s.from(s i ":" arr[i] "[]")

No, no. Usually I do for(i 0 a.len) out a[i], but your function also is good idea.
My other question is how to pass arrays to a function in order to type cast:

In the above example I need two member functions(for strings and integers)

function ARRAY(str)'arr
function ARRAY(int)'arr

Any idea for one single member function? Thanks a lot.
Will need 2 functions. Cannot use single function for different array types.
Thanks for your help.

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