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Can anyone help me please. :(
Hi im jushiro,

Im new here so can someone please help me with my concern. thank you!
So here, my concern is about yahoo messenger instant message.
I want my messenger to have like :
When i open the box for the instant message it will automatically fill a ready made text for that. that ready made text will contain TEXT + Images. Is this possible if i use a macro? or anything? i dont have any idea, so please help me with this Sad
Cant help with sending picture. This will send text.

Function SendIM
Trigger !cv"" "CConvWndBase"     Help - how to add the trigger to the macro
Copy      Help
int hwnd=val(_command)
str s = "Your text here"

s.setwintext(id(225 hwnd))

Acc a=acc("Send*" "PUSHBUTTON" hwnd "" "" 0x0005)

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