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Index and text of item menu problem
Hi all, hi Gintaras,

i setup this one according to your suugestions in previous post to get both name and url of all
tabs opened in Firefox

ARRAY(str) names urls
MenuPopup p
str MonMenu

int selectedTab=FirefoxTabAction(0 names urls)
int i
for i 0 names.len
out _i

names and urls arrays are well fulled, and i can access any name or url by index : names[i] or urls[i]

The p menu shows normally with all tabs names as items

But _i is always equal to 0, whatever item menu I choose.
I'd like to get urls[_i] to get url of selected tab in menu.

According to help file, _i can be 0 or index. What do I do wrong to have only 0
as returned value each time?

p.AddItems(names[i] i+1)
Damned I missed that one.


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