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Finding out Fullpath of Documents & Settings special folder
Hello All,
I am trying to put all the names of the different user folders on a computer into an array. On most computers, these are located in the C drive in this folder:

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C:\Documents and Settings\

so my code looks like this
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ARRAY(str) ArrayAllUsers.create(200)
int i
Dir d
foreach(d "C:\Documents and Settings\*" FE_Dir 0x1)
,str sPath=d.FileName(1)
,sPath.replacerx("C:\\Documents and Settings\\" "")
,sel sPath; case ["NetworkService","LocalService","All Users"]; continue
,;out sPath
out ArrayAllUsers

However, on some computers this is set up on D: drive instead of C:
Is there any Special Folder name e.g. something like "$Documents and Settings$\" that I could just put in my code to make it work under either circumstance?.
Macro Macro1724
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_s.expandpath("$User Profile$")
out _s
Quote:s.getpath([file] [append])
s.getfilename([file] [ext])

so helpfull!!!. I have been doing a lot of string manipulation for these steps...can't believe I didn't know about these functions!!!

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