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Lost in Shortcut
Hi all,

I have a big problem. For some reason I believed, that the shortcut "STRG + A" would be a Quick Macros only shortcut.
Unfortunately I need that for Photoshop.

Everytime I try to use this shortcut in Photoshop, it tries to open QM. How can I get my old Photoshop settings back again?
I have already deleted the macro in QM, but that didn't work.

Help deperately needed.

What if Quick Macros is not running?
Maybe this hotkey is assigned to a shortcut on Desktop or in Start Menu.
Also look in Quick Macros Options dialog, Hot keys tab.
Yes, even when QM is not running, it opens up after Ctrl+A.

I can't find the Ctrl+A shortcut in the Options.

I need the Ctrl+A in Photoshop 100 times a day. That drives me crazy.
Please try to help me.
Look for a shortcut on Desktop or in Start Menu.
If have latest QM version, look in Properties -> Shortcut -> Shortcuts. Right click to delete.
Great....! You are my hero....!

Thank you!
But a great program, besides....

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