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How to make qm doing the same as altdrag - Easily drag windows when pressing the alt key - Google Project Hosting does?

AltDrag gives you the ability to move and resize your windows in a new way. After you have started the program, you can simply hold down the Alt key and then click and drag any window. Besides just moving windows, you can resize, maximize and close them too. AltDrag simply allows you to do more with less mouse movements.

Function AltDragWindow
Trigger #AL 0x8     Help - how to add the trigger to the macro
Copy      Help
function nCode wParam MSLLHOOKSTRUCT*m
if(getopt(nargs)) goto gHook ;;called as hook procedure. Else runs on Alt+mouse left button trigger.

if(getopt(nthreads)>1) ret

int-- t_hd=win(mouse)
if(GetWinStyle(t_hd)&WS_DLGFRAME=0) ret ;;desktop, tooltip, fullscreen, etc. However also may skip fully skinned and some other exotic windows.
if(max(t_hd)) res t_hd
;act t_hd

POINT-- t_p ;;stores previous mouse pos
GetCursorPos &t_p

int hhM=SetWindowsHookEx(WH_MOUSE_LL &AltDragWindow _hinst 0)
int hhK=SetWindowsHookEx(WH_KEYBOARD_LL &AltDragWindow _hinst 0) ;;need to neutralize Alt, ie press Ctrl when releasing Alt, before or after releasing mouse button. Can use same hook procedure because wParam is different (it is a mouse or keyboard message).
opt waitmsg 1
wait -1 -V t_hd ;;wait until t_hd is 0. The hook procedure will make it 0 when finished.
UnhookWindowsHookEx hhM
UnhookWindowsHookEx hhK

if(nCode<0) goto gRet

sel wParam
,;check conditions. Not everything is necessary, but safer.
,if(!IsWindow(t_hd)) t_hd=0; goto gRet
,ifk- (1)
,,ifk-(A) t_hd=0
,,goto gRet
,;move window
,int x y; GetWinXY t_hd x y
,mov x+( y+( t_hd
,ifk-(A) t_hd=0 ;;if Alt released, stop. Else wait for Alt up.
,case WM_LBUTTONDOWN ;;mouse down again without releasing Alt
,case WM_KEYUP ;;this is from keyboard hook
,if(k.flags&LLKHF_INJECTED) goto gRet
,sel k.vkCode
,,case [VK_LMENU,VK_RMENU] ;;Alt up
,,ifk-((1)) t_hd=0 ;;if mouse released, stop
,,opt keysync 1; key+ C; key- AC ;;neutralize Alt. Not necessary with normal menus, but eg in Firefox and IE would show menu bar that normally is hidden. In IE still shows menu briefly, but the A hides it.

ret CallNextHookEx(0 nCode wParam m)

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