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PathMakeSystemFolder Function
how do i make a folder a systemfolder ?

i need this for my desktop.ini function.
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dll shlwapi.dll #PathMakeSystemFolder $pszPath

str s.expandpath("$desktop$\sysfolder")
mkdir s
PathMakeSystemFolder s

This only adds FILE_ATTRIBUTE_READONLY attribute, and you also can do it with SetFileAttribute. Interesting that manually setting readonly attribute does not work.

so here is my desktop.ini script, which is currently triggered by powerpro's
context handler.

Format Context *.exe

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function $_file
dll shlwapi.dll #PathMakeSystemFolder $pszPath
str s.getpath(_file)

str d_ini.format("%sdesktop.ini" s)
rset("0" "ConfirmFileOp" ".ShellClassInfo" d_ini)
rset("0" "IconIndex" ".ShellClassInfo" d_ini)
rset(_file "IconFile" ".ShellClassInfo" d_ini)
rset("test" "InfoTip" ".ShellClassInfo" d_ini)
PathMakeSystemFolder s

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