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Compiled exe path
HI all
i struggle with this for a while :

i compiled a macro to exe, and some actions done in macro must be done in the
directory where is located the exe, as a portable application do.

Whatever the setup in macro properties before compilation, whatever the program
launching the exe (a backup program before/after backup) etc,
the path of the exe is always QM dir or application launcher dir...

I tried coding GetCurDir and so on but no luck.

Manual can't help

Thanks for giving me solution, it blocks my coding for now.
Macro Macro1682
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out _qmdir
out ExeFullPath ;;QM 2.3.3

I spent some like 3 hours fighting with that.
But was miles away thinking to search for _qmdir in
self made macro. Quite confusing, no?

Maybe a simple ExeDir function would make it less
hard to find?

Thanks anyway, as usual.
A little follow up Gintaras.

Whatever I do, QM is always opened when i use my computer, and i have about 20 macros always
used in my QM setup and used daily.

Regarding efficiency, is it better to convert the 20 macros to exe or keep them inside QM as macros or functions?

I speak in terms of memory consumption or management, responsiveness, and so on.
On modern computers no big difference. On slow computers you can notice that exe starts with a delay, like any other process.
If qm runs at Windows startup, it adds maybe 1 s. Also uses about 10 MB of memory (depends on what is used in macros).
I would use QM, not multiple exe. If exe, you will not have triggers. Also, some functions unavailable. Also, on error you will not know what happened, why the macro does not work.
OK, ty.

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