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Any way to turn off sound (mute) for a specified time
Hi Gintaras,
I know you can actually turn the monitor on and off for a period of time from QM. Is there anyway to mute the computer. I am sending webpage updates to a hidden dialog (user clicks to make appear with web page already updated). I don't want the series of "clicks" that Windows IE makes upon updating web page to be heard by the user (since it is a background update as opposed to a user-generated action, this could be distracting or worrisome for the user).
You can turn off the sound in Control Panel -> Sounds -> Sounds -> Windows Explorer -> Start Navigation -> None -> Apply? (and restart IE)
If yes, macro can turn off the sound in registry, with rset. The key is:
Thanks Gintaras, I will look into this. I was thinking more of a temporary mute: e.g. for 10 sec or until web page finished loading.
It would mute sound in all applications. On Vista/7 can mute only in QM. In any case, not so easy as with rget/rset.
that's ok to mute all for the few seconds. Is it possible to quickly mute then restore sound a few seconds later with rset....without a reboot?
does not work without reboot?
If ok to mute all:

definitely ok to mute all. This was exactly what I was looking for. Sorry Gintaras for not stating more clearly that I didn't need to just mute the browser clicks but a general mute would be ok...and thanks TheVig for helping out!
is there a way to turn off the clicking in IE's sound profile? that is, change the sound theme?
An old blog on QM coding and automation.

The Macro Hook
see post #2
I was talking about Themes->Sounds
is that the same thing?
An old blog on QM coding and automation.

The Macro Hook
Windows 7 Control Panel -> Personalization?

All sounds of all themes are there in registry.
.current is of current theme.
what about renaming the wave file for short time, so that the system doesn't find it?

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