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Selecting Folder for Make Exe
Hello Gintaras,
I have always had trouble getting the right folder selected for make exe.
I usually have a dialog function in the folder and then a bunch of supporting functions that are called by the dialog. If this is the only thing in the QM macro list, then everything works fine. But usually the folder is a sub-subfolder of other stuff. I find it hard to specify exactly which folder is desired. I usually select the function and then hit Make Exe. Sometimes, I get the option of choosing "Just the single function or the folder of functions", other times it goes directly to the make exe dialog. Often, it tries to include other functions out of the folder of interest.
I am sorry if I am not explaining this well or I am doing something simple wrong.
Thanks for any advice,
I'll think how to make it more clear in user interface.

Before making exe, QM searches for exe settings (BEGIN PROJECT...END PROJECT) in current macro and in it parent folders. If finds, uses. If does not find, shows the dialog ("Where to save...").

If saves exe settings in wrong folder, you can cut/paste it from the wrong folder to the good folder. It is in folder Properties dialog. Also shows as tooltip in the list of macros.
Thanks Gintaras. The folder issue is which folder to make into an exe not which folder to save to. That part works as expected. I think what is working for me when it keeps on defaulting to a different folder is to give the full QM folder path with the function name rather than just the function name. I will look at the BEGIN PROJECT...END PROJECT inserts and see if that helps me better direct QM to which folder of functions I wish to make into an exe.
Thanks again!
If does not show "Where to save..." when you want to create new exe, it means that current macro is in an exe folder. To avoid such problems don't make an exe folder in another exe folder.

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