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Limit area of interest?
Any way to tell the macro to limit area of interest for image recognition to x,y pixels relative to curent mouse position? (like in the photo atached)
And ofcourse when done to unlimit it.

Ps: I know atachment is retarded but it's just to ilustrate what i need it to do Smile

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Macro Macro1656
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GetCursorPos +&r
r.right=r.left+32 ;;width 32 ;;height 32
scan "file" 0 r
Great result with the code you gave me! i was able to inplement it perfetly Big Grin
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scan "Func4.bmp" 0 0 1 65
GetCursorPos +&r
r.right=r.left+200 ;;width 32 ;;height 32
if(scan("Func5.bmp" 0  r))
    out "true"
    out "false"

Is there a way to move the cursor to the found Func5.bmp inside the area automaticaly? I tried seting 0 to 1 and adding 0 0 1 r but won't work like that.
4-th argument 1
I managed to do it with :

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if(scan("Func5.bmp" 0 r 1 65))

Just needed not to anounce the r variable in the find image dialog so it used the existing one. Man i got to learn the sintax..
Thank's Gintaras

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