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Can't make toolbars stay on top (Win 7)
I finally switched to Windows 7 a couple of months ago. All my macros continued to work as before. That made me very happy!
I have an "Auto Shrink" toolbar that I dock at the top of the screen to launch commonly used applications. However, it doesn't always stay on top of other windows as expected. Some times I can minimize all windows and see/access it from the desktop, other times it doesn't reappear until I open the QM window. Then it will stay that way for a bit, then disappear again from view.

Any ideas for a fix?

Matt B
Is it with all such toolbars? Maybe depends on some toolbar settings. Can you export and send the toolbar to me?
How if checked Options -> General -> Toolbars always topmost?
Gintaras: I'm embarrassed, "Toolbars: Always topmost" was not checked. I'm guessing that will fix my problem. Thank you very much!
Matt B
Normally it should not be checked. Check only if need to place QM toolbars on top of other always-on-top windows, eg taskbar. But maybe it will fix this.
2 weeks now, and it seems to have fixed the issue with no other problems. Thanks

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