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Remapping some keys on my second keyboard - Problem
Hi - Fairly new to macros here.

I am simply trying to remap several keys on my second keyboard. It seems like the way to do this is to make a macro, then assign it to a hotkey.

Under the QM Keyboard & Mouse Detector, I checked Use Multiple Keyboards, then associated my second keyboard with FF_Keyboard2.
I also made sure that "Use low level keyboard hook" was unchecked under QM's Options (Trigger tab).

An an example, when I press a on my second keyboard, I want it to type x.

First, I wrote this simple macro:

key x

Then in the macro properties, under Trigger, I assigned the macro to hotkey a. I click the "FF" button, click "Use", and select FF_Keyboard2 from the drop-down list.

I then compile the script.

However, the macro is not working as I want it to. When I press a on my second keyboard, the screen still displays a, not x, as I want it to.

My computer only has one cpu. But I use it mainly for the internet and word processing - I don't run any super intensive programs like graphic, video, music, etc.

I'm wondering if I am missing something?
Function Keyboard_Detector must be running.

this works
Function key_X
Trigger a //FF_Keyboard2     Help - how to add the trigger to the macro
Copy      Help
key x
Thank you.

I wasn't sure how to interpret the piece of code you supplied above. I pasted the lines starting with "Function" and "Trigger" into my macro, but still got errors.

I tried to do a simple remap again, this time trying to use only dialog boxes. It worked! As a test, now when I press a on my 2nd keyboard, I get x. (I am trying out QM using mostly dialog boxes, because I only have basic knowledge/ experience with coding.)

However, now I am running into some problems with other keys I am trying to remap, maybe because it now involves more special keys. Basically, I want to change some of the keys near the right end of my 2nd keyboard, like Print Screen, Scroll Lock, and Pause into keys I would find useful for accounting purposes. like =, (, and ).

I remapped NumLock to be Tab, and it seems partly successful. when I press NumLock, it does translate to Tab, bit it will also still toggle both my keyboards' number pads. I don't want it to toggle either of the number pads. I only want it to translate into Tab.

I remapped Scroll Lock, and a similar problem happened.

Also, I tried make Print Screen and Pause into hotkeys. Under the macros' Properties --> Trigger, both buttons have (255) as a hot-key value. Shouldn't they be different?

Thank you again for your assistance.
Don't use these keys. With non-low level hook, QM cannot completely "eat" the lock keys. Pause is used by QM to stop macro. Print Screen does not work as trigger.
Ok - thank you!

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