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Alt Keycode on a dialog button
Hi Gintaras,
Couldn't find an answer for this one in the forum. How do you put an alt key code onto a button text in a dialog.
For example ▼ alt+31.
When I type that into dialog editor, it shows up as just a rectangle when the dialog actually launches.
Dialog font does not support the character. Use font that supports.
Thanks for the super rapid reply:
I added this to WM_INITDIALOG

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,__Font-- f
,f.Create("Georgia" 8 1)
,f.SetDialogFont(hDlg "8")
,f.SetDialogFontColor(hDlg 0xff0000 "11")

It doesn't work in this font either. Do you suggest a specific font that it will work in? (something standard that everybody uses?). Is the default one used by the QM dialog coming from the Windows Theme?
Also how would I get every element in the dialog to use the same font?
QM uses standard Windows dialog font.
Default dialog font on XP is Tahoma, and it does not have triangles. You can change Windows default dialog font through registry, google for MS Shell Dlg.
To discover what fonts support triangles, use QM Options/Editor. Select various fonts, Apply and see how displayed in code. I would use Arial.
SetDialogFont changes font for all controls if controls not specified.
works great. You're the best as always!

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