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Help with Excel + GetCell

I dont know if is possible, but i need to read a row in excell get the data and then i call a function to fill that data on other program.
After that i want to fill on end of that column the data gived by the other program. Till here its ok.

The problem is how i pass to next line and make QM read the next line and fill on end.. and make this till end of rows with dada.

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ExcelSheet es.Init("sheet1" 1|8|16 "D:\userdata\teste\Desktop\teste1.xls")
    goto [PREPARATION]

es.GetCell(cel1 1 2)
es.GetCell(cel2 2 2)
es.GetCell(cel3 3 2)
es.GetCell(cel4 4 2)
es.GetCell(cell5 5 2)

What i need is a way to increment de ROW so the program after fill the cell 6, with the data of other program, he reads the line bellow and so on.
Macro Macro1620
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ExcelSheet es.Init("sheet1" 1|8|16 "D:\userdata\teste\Desktop\teste1.xls")
err goto [PREPARATION]

int r c nr nc ;;row, column, num rows, num cols
nr=es.NumRows(nc) ;;get number of rows and cols
ARRAY(str) a.createlb(nc 1) ;;cells of a row
str s ;;result
for r 1 nr+1 ;;for each row
,for(c 1 nc+1) es.GetCell(a[c] c r) ;;get cells of this row
,YourFunction r a s ;;pass a to your function, and let it store result in s
,es.SetCell(s nc+1 r) ;;set cell at the end of the row

function example
Function YourFunction
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function row ARRAY(str)&a str&s

out "--- row %i ---" row
int c
for c 1 a.ubound+1
,out a[c]

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