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Import Variables from Excel; Select Object by ObjectID
Two questions please:

I'm just now starting my trial period. I keep trying different company's products - I sure hope yours fits the bill!

1. Can I select object in Google's Chrome browser by object name instead of location or by image? I'm tired of mucking around with image recognition and the problems it causes when the screen is set to different zoom levels.

2. I have 1 excel document that has an undetermined number of variables in it (varying number of variables). I need the program to figure out how many there are and run a loop for each one. This document has 2 sheets. The first sheet has two columns, UserID and Password. The second sheet has the list of the URLs. Both of these sheets have an variable number of entries. Can this program inport each sheet, presumably as an array, and then execute the code based upon the data in those sheets? Is there a sample I could look at?

Basically, the code I am looking at is pretty simple and would:

Copy      Help
Open Excel (csv text file would also work if needed or quicker) and copy each sheet as a data set of variables
Close Excel
Open Browser
Loop1 For Each Row in Sheet 1 (UserID & Password)
   Signin, pause for manual entry, continue
      Loop2 For Each Row in Sheet 2 (URL list)
         Perform various actions on screen in browser by selection of objects
      End Loop2
   Log Out
End Loop1
Close Browser

Finally, do you happen to have any videos of your product that I can watch?

Thanks for your help,
1. Try accessible objects. Better use Internet Explorer or Firefox. In newest Chrome version accessible objects also should work, but need to run Chrome with command line --force-renderer-accessibility.

2. With ExcelSheet class you can get all Excel data.
Thanks for your answers. Do you have any videos on using this product? I'm still trying to wrap my head around it all and learn fastest and best from watching videos. They also help me to learn how to navigate my way around on the software.
Don't have videos. Start learning from Tips (in QM window, below macro text) or/and 'Quick Start' topic in Help.
You could also take a look at some articles I wrote on my blog.

address is in my sig below.
An old blog on QM coding and automation.

The Macro Hook
Thanks guys, appreciate it!
Well, I think I am in a parallel universe...... I can't find Tips and I also don't have File | Web as mentioned in the blog.

I think I might be in over my head. While this software really looks great, I don't know where to start. There are just so many categories on the left and no explanation to me of what they all are. I don't mentally see a clear line of "start here, select from these, here are examples of functioning commands....."

For example, a so simple one of

web "" 1

will open IE. I hate IE - super slow. I really want Chrome, but understand that will be more difficult. So okay, I'll use FF. According to the help, I should be able to do
web firefox "" 1
but that does not work.

I'm not an idiot, but this sure makes me feel like one. Right now, I'm just trying to put together something to help me and save me time... I donate my "spare" time doing fund raising for animal rescues and I was trying to automate what I do everyday that takes about 45 minutes each day. Perhaps I need more GUI than this program offers. Sad

I've tried AutoMate, but it only runs in IE and just crawls, taking 5 times longer than I can do manually (not to mention the price and I don't know if they would donate a license to a 501©3). WinAutomation works with Chrome and is 98% good, but I cannot select by object, just image, and that does not work due to zoom levels have to always be the same, screen must be maxed, etc. I need to select by object so I can imitate the click. And I need to be able to create an exe so I can send it to my helpers who also do the same things everyday.

You guys are in the biz, is there maybe a different one I should try?

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You can try something like:

Macro Macro10
Copy      Help
QmHelp "EXAMPLES" 0 3
OnScreenDisplay "Tips: look down" 3 0 0 "Comic Sans MS" 20 0xff0000
wait 5

run "chrome.exe" "--force-renderer-accessibility" "" "*" ;;Google Chrome
int w=wait(120 WV win("Quick Macros - automation software for Windows. Macro program. Keyboard, mouse, record, toolbars. - Google Chrome" "Chrome_WidgetWin_0"))
Acc a.Find(w "TEXT" "Forum" "state=0x40 0x20000040" 0x3005 3)
int w1=wait(120 WV win("Quick Macros Forum • Index page - Google Chrome" "Chrome_WidgetWin_0"))
Acc b.Find(w1 "LINK" "General" "" 0x3001 10)
int w2=wait(120 WV win("Quick Macros Forum • View forum - General - Google Chrome" "Chrome_WidgetWin_0"))
Acc c.Find(w2 "TEXT" "Import Variables from Excel; Select Object by ObjectID" "state=0x40 0x20000040" 0x3005 3)
OnScreenDisplay "END" 3 0 0 "Comic Sans MS" 20 0xff0000
Error - unknown member.
on Find below

Acc a.Find(w "TEXT" "Forum" "state=0x40 0x20000040" 0x3005 3)
That code with Find will not work because it is from a future QM version that you don't have.

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