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QM feezes constantly

i just purchased QM a little while ago and have been happily using it for quite some time, but the program has started to freeze constantly, maybe running my macro once or twice and then locking up. I have done multiple virus scans, re-installed QM, and i ended up actually reformatting my whole computer as no virus-scans found anything. Having re-installed QM and started working again, i found the same relative issues: System functions have started to fail, triggers don't work, i can't use the "record" function in QM, and the program freezes all-together frequently.

I'm Running windows 7 with QM version

any suggestions as to a fix would be greatly appreciated.

When QM freezes:
1. Look in Task Manager, what is CPU of qm.exe?
2. Look in Running Items, what threads there are? To show Running Items, check menu Run -> View Active Items.

Try to uncheck low level hook checkboxes in Options -> Triggers.
1. when QM freezes the CPU on qm.exe is 00
2. the only thread that was open is shell_menu_triggers

i am also having an issue with my macro getting hung, so i have to terminate it manually. I work in Data Entry so i do a lot of repetetive tasks, so my macro's aren't complicated, they are just to expedite the processes. Here is the code from the current macro that i have been using a lot that gets hung.

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str s
int w1=act(win("Chrome"))
lef 700 429 w1

s.replacerx("\r\n" " ")
Looks like some software either tries to disable QM hooks (hooks are used for triggers and recording) or uses the same type of hooks and is incompatible with QM. Try to temporarily disable antivirus and similar software, and look how then QM works. Also close other macro programs and other keyboard-related programs. Also close games, because some games disable automation programs to protect itself from game automation.

Also try to uncheck low level hooks in Options -> Triggers.

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