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ChildDialog in exe
Hi Gintaras,
I am trying to make exe from multi-page child dialog:
When I try to make exe from

I get this error message:
Quote:Warning in ChildDialog.Message: What is used with ShowDialog (m_macro)? Make sure that the text of the item is added to exe. To add explicitly, use #exe. ?.
Warning: 'Auto add files' is checked but files are not specified. Read QM Help.
Created C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\My QM\dlg_cd_multipage_main.exe, 424 KB. Run Find

When I run that .exe, I get this:
Quote:Error (RT) in ChildDialog.Message: cannot create dialog. Macro not found or is encrypted.
First argument of ShowDialog must be name of macro or function that contains dialog definition (text that begins with BEGIN DIALOG). Or it can be variable that contains dialog definition.

I looked in the help file for #exe but I can't find a solution for me (above my level :oops: )
Anyway, don't know if there is an easy fix for this to work with exe?
Thanks for any thoughts!!

cd.Init(3 "dlg_cd_simple_child" 0 &d 0 0xffffff)


#exe addtextof "dlg_cd_simple_child"
wow. Awesome!!
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rep 1000; out "Thanks!!!"

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