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I am having trouble doing default action when item is out of view i have tried quite a few SendMessage functions but cnt seem to get it right this works when item is in view the window is vertical scrollbar could i simply scroll to the acc or make the acc visible in background somehow

Acc a=acc("14" "LISTITEM" win("Dialog" "#32770") "SysListView32" "" 0x1011)

int hwnd=child("14" "SysListView32" win("Dialog" "#32770") 0x1)
int index=60
act win("Dialog" "#32770")
def LVM_ENSUREVISIBLE 0x00001013
SendMessage hwnd LVM_ENSUREVISIBLE index 0
a.DoDefaultAction ;; Error (RT) in Function: 0x80020003, Member not found.
LVM_ENSUREVISIBLE should work, but I think hwnd is 0 because child(...) is incorrect. Try
out hwnd
If it is 0, change something in child line. Maybe replace "14" to "".
yes that works good now 14 was supose to be index how do i get element of acc
Find LIST with acc.

Acc a=acc("" "LIST" win("Dialog" "#32770") "SysListView32" "" 0x1011)

Then set

a.elem=15 ;;14+1
this is what i meant int index=a.elem but i got it now cheers didnt see the 2 (.) options right at the bottom cheers gint
lol at "#32770")) i know somones dirty little secret
not realy a dirty secret maybe u should read about window classes lol

#32768 The class for a menu.
#32769 The class for the desktop window.
#32770 The class for a dialog box.
#32771 The class for the task switch window.
#32772 The class for icon titles.

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