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2011 AVG Anti-Virus and Quick Macros Exe (False Positive)
Hi Gintaras,

Thanks for Quick Macros, it has been a great tool since I started using it in early 2010.

However, I am writing to report a new problem that became active on Thursday 1.6.2011. At 4 am on Thursday, AVG, a well known anti-virus software used at my office at work, released its newest upgrade for AVG 2009. The new release is recognizing all of me exported Quick Macros exes as Generic Trojan viruses. I called AVG and they claimed that it is possible that the new update holds a certain number of new included profiles (code patterns and coding techniques reference samples) that are recognizing all of my Quick Macros executable files as matches to these profiles, and hence the block on my macros. AVG won't let me run any of the macros (exe files) I wrote. I have been using these QM exe files for a year without a problem, so I know that the problem corresponds to exactly the day the AVG update became active. Disabling the folder where my files live from being scanned by AVG is not an option, since the anti-virus is mandatory on all computers at my office. All of my macros run well from my copy of Quick Macros (app), but will not run as exported exe files. I distributed copies of my macros as exe files for use in other machines, so I require the issue to be resolved.

AVG asked me to send them the actual exe so that they could scan it, but I was wondering if you had any other advice on how to override this issue. All of my macros are pretty generic (copy-and-paste-text-from-one-url-page-to-another), so I believe that the AVG anti-virus scan is simply recognizing any/all Quick Macros exes as Trojan generic viruses, regardless of the actual code technique embedded (maybe the way it is encrypted).
Anyway, please let me know if you need a sample of my code.

Please help me resolve this issue. I think it could help other users in the near future. Plus, not being able to use the exported exe files renders Quick Macros usless for me in terms of utility.

Thanks in advance,
I installed latest AVG free version and virus definitions on XP. Scanned several exe files made with QM 2.3.2. AVG finds 0 infections. Maybe AVG already updated its virus definitions. Or I need AVG shareware version to test. Anyway, I cannot help. Only AVG can fix it.
Okay, thanks so much. I'll try to compress as well. If that doesn't work, I'll just send AVG my files and see what they can do about it.
I was only encripting my exe files, not compressing them. I'll let you know if compressing resolves the problem.
Thanks for the prompt reply. Again, the AVG update became effective on Thursday 1.6.2011 at 4am. So unless you tested Quick Macros with AVG after this date, my problem should be affecting anyone currently using Quick Macros exe files and AVG.
My version of Quick Macros: (Copyright 2001-2009). I will try to download version 2.3.2 to test if this makes a difference.


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