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"Error (RT) in Macro: object not found"
I am getting the "Error (RT) in Macro: object not found"

Any Ideals?

Dir d; str fileN sPath
foreach(d "C:\berklineNew\customeDocs\Completed\*" FE_Dir)
out sPath
Acc a=acc(fileN "LINK" " Internet Explorer" "Internet Explorer_Server" "" 0x1001)
lef 0.620 0.708 win(" Internet Explorer" "IEFrame") 1
Maybe the macro runs too fast. When capturing the link in the Find Accessible Object dialog, specify some wait time, eg 10. Then the acc function will wait maximum 10 seconds until the link appears.

To manipulate objects in web pages in Internet Explorer, html element functions work better. They are faster, and often more precise.
I tried putting in a wait time and still no luck. I also tried the html element actiion, it yeilded the same.
Are you sure that the page contains links for all files in that folder? Eg file1.txt file2.txt and so on?
Think so - When I click the "Test" button from within the "Accesible Object Action" dialog box the blue outline blinks around the item in the list. Also, if I hardcode the name of a different item in the list, the macro clicks the correct item. But when I try to use a varible form the foreach loop I get the object not found.

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