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if, for, sel, rep not autotab.

Code that requires tab indented sections to execute do not add the tab automatically.

Did you change this? Is it a bug, or did I do something to screw up my computer Smile

Jimmy Vig
Try to restart QM.
Still doing it on restart.
Maybe something corrupts QM memory. Try empty qml file. Open or create new empty QM file (only with System folder and 1 macro) and restart QM.

I did not change this in QM 2.3.2.
Still doing it with clean macro open. Restarted...still doing it. It's probably just my laptop.
Look in floating toolbar -> More Tools -> Remap..., maybe some keys are remapped.
Maybe Win key is in pressed state for some reason.
It would explain "does not autotab" and "does not show 'correct' link when Ctrl+V".

out GetMod ;;would be 8 if Win pressed
Yep. 8.

My Windows key still works properly and doesn't have any problems with any other programs. Just QM?

Ran KeyScan.exe

My right Windows key is on. My laptop does not have a right windows key...funny.

Any ideas?

key- W

All better..

key (VK_RWIN)
out GetMod

Gave me a 0 and life is back to normal. Thanks!!! I wouldn't have thought of that on my own for sure.
This reminds me...
any chance keyboard triggers could be modified so right and left shift, alt, ctrl are separated?
No chances.

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