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How to find folders/objects in a treeview?
I need some guidance and advice how to proceed with a problem/program.

I´m new to QM programing but have done guite much in C and C#. I have also gone through some QM code to try and get a hang of it.

I have a program that i work alot in, and many tasks is very long and repetitive .
My problemm is that i create and move objects in different folders in a treeview manually. This is something that i want to automate.

I can find the treeview with QM but i can not find subfolders and object in the treeview. I have managed to find a folder if it is visible in the treeview, but if the treeview is collapsed(not visible) i can not find it?

Can someone guide me to solution to this if there is one?
in find accessible object, click the options button and check search for invisible objects.
Do you find visible folders with acc? Or scan?
I have tried using the "Find Invisible Objects" option, but i can still not find it?

Used Acc to find the visible folders.
Maybe these objects don't exist when the parent folder is not expanded.

To see if exists:
Open 'Find Accessible Object' dialog.
In Filters select 'Show invisible'.
Capture parent folder.
Then you will see what objects exist.

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