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increment a string character
Hey i am writing a program to auto guess passwords while i sleep

what is the code to increment an ascii value by one?

i tried a couple different ways and searched around alittle. Wasnt to successful.

if anyone has a complete program for this you could send me that but all i really need is how to increment ascii values

if you dont understand me i want a program to do this:

...(to capital z)
bc(and so on)

my pure intent is to guess a password i have lost. It would definately not be to guess someone elses :wink:

if you can please aim me with answer at "Da Coo Kid Eric"
i found out.
HOLY )"(&&$!!!!

wow, you got 'em to even do the hacking but to put it up on an easily found and searched bulletin board is boarder-line insane!!!

especially if someone where to send the link over to the fbi saying that they think you were going to hack into one of their databases....that's enough for a warrent and search given today's terrorist enviroment....that is if you are in the US....and if you're in Europe....interpol would do the same.....

it's not that this couldn't be used for illegal purposes but geeesh.....

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