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LL mouse hook problem
Installed new beta today and immediately unable to use low level mouse hook.
Soon after running QM.exe shows high CPU usage, then returns this error:
Error (RT) in ___LLMouseInfo: wait timeout
Replicated problem on a second machine, both machines were running Windows 7.
Reinstalled 2.3.0 and problem disappeared.
Possibly related: Avira reported virus on QM install, but I ignored.

Function ___LLMouseInfo
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function [nCode] [wParam] [MSLLHOOKSTRUCT*m]

,int+ g_mhook=SetWindowsHookEx(WH_MOUSE_LL &___LLMouseInfo _hinst 0)
,opt waitmsg 1
,wait -1 -V g_mhook
Macro has more code, but I did not include it all, it's been working fine for months until new install.
Problem also occurs using the AltMouseTriggers macro from Samples - Other.
Thank you. The bug is when using wait -V and opt waitmsg 1. Will be fixed in
Is there a workaround for keeping the LL mouse hook running, or is wait -V the only way?
Install the latest QM version.

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