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Tab clicking
Because I don't want to rely on "seeing" a window to start pushing buttons, I've started to really get into the the "but" command (notice the self-restraint in not making any puns like....wait, nevermind).

I'm trying to click the "Services" tab in the "System Configuration Utility" but can't seem to swing it.

Is there a way to do it like the checkboxes?

Try the Select Tab action in the Controls Menus dialog. Or the Select action in the Accessible Object dialog.
I tried that but it won't select the tab just the whole "inside" window.
While dragging over the tab control, right-click. This will bring the control that covers it to the bottom.
that seems to push the entire window down and then grabs the window below it (which happend to be my web browser).

you are talking about this right.

Controls, menus :mac "TO_Controls" * controls.ico
this is what i get on find accessible object but i just cant seem to push it...

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Acc a=acc("Services" "PAGETAB" "System Configuration Utility" "SysTabControl32" "" 0x1001)
I forgot: use Ctrl+rightclick for controls.

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SelectTab(child("" "SysTabControl32" "System Configuration Utility" 0x1) 2)
how are you getting that output!
are you using
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mac "TO_Controls"
clicking on "select tab" and then dragging the Control target recticle over the tab heading then doing a Control-right click without releasing the left click and drag?

Thanks! :?:
Yes, I used 'Controls, menus' dialog.

Tab control class usually is SysTabControl32. It has several buttons and transparent area below, where other controls are placed. What class name you see in the Controls, menus dialog when you try to capture the tab control?

Sometimes, controls in a dialog are covered by some transparent control. If so, use Ctrl+rightclick to bring it to the bottom. Then you will be able to capture the tab control.
I think it was a matter of selecting the right portion of the window along with changing that last number from the first tab (0) to the fifth (4).

Thanks for all your help on this!

You were logged in as Guest when you answered this? You on vacation or something?

Thanks again,
I just cleared cookies and then forgot to log on.

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