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firefox - get title or url on trigger
i want to use win c in firefox to copy
only the text of a link, not the complete url of the a html tag.
my current solution is to send a rightclick and keys mY.
i tried acc, but no luck so far.

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int firefox_hwnd=win("" "" "firefox")
act firefox_hwnd
mou 10 10 0 1
key mY
str clip
act _hwndqm
out clip


can you give me example for how to take over mouse control
for say 20 seconds ?
something way smaller then qm recording,
i have the idea to build an info tool, where you
can click on the record button for text under mouse

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int firefox_hwnd=win("" "" "firefox")
act firefox_hwnd
Acc a=acc(mouse)
str clip=a.Value

mes _s.getclip


This is just an idea:

Make a text-capture macro, disable it, assign a mouse-click trigger. When you click the record button, temporarily enable the macro (dis-), and when you finish recording, disable it again (dis+).

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