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Injecting QM code
Hello Gintaras:

I'm always looking for complex things he he :lol:

I would like to know if there is a way to inject QM code into string varaibles, and then execute that string
for example:

str gdicode="ellipse(hDC,10,10,300,200)"

Thank you.

Hello Gintaras

I think this is the solution, is that right?

qm.RunTextAsFunction stringtext
Yes, it creates a temporary function somewhere and runs it.
Thank you Gintaras Big Grin
Hello Gintaras:

Does this temporary function is written to the Hard Disk?


I ask this because my macro runs it several times during execution.

Thank you.
No, items that have "Temporary" property are not saved to disk. The property added in QM 2.3.0.

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