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Hiding screen activities with a "curtain" for bett
In many programs with macro languages, I can hide the activities of what is happening with a screen that says something like, "Please Wait". This makes it so that the user does not see things jumping all over the place. Is it possible to do something like that? It can make things look less "Klugey"

Could you display a really large dialog with please wait in the middle?
Yes, but mouse commands then cannot be used.
I haven't had a chance to try this out. But, Gintaras, by specifically referring to mouse commands NOT being available for use, are you implying that keystroke commands COULD continue to be executed even as the dialog box remained on the screen? C

Function Curtain:

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function# [hDlg] [message] [wParam] [lParam]
if(hDlg) goto messages

BlockInput 1
opt waitmsg 2
if(!ShowDialog("Curtain" &Curtain 0 0 1)) ret

;0 "" 0 0x88 0 0 227 154 "Please wait ..."
;DIALOG EDITOR: "" 0x2010505 "*" ""

sel message
,DT_Init(hDlg lParam)
,SetWindowPos hDlg HWND_TOPMOST 0 0 ScreenWidth ScreenHeight SWP_SHOWWINDOW|SWP_NOACTIVATE

Example macro:

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rep 5
,key " kkk"

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