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launching macro on idle/screensaver
I searched help & forums but couldn't find the answers...

1. Is there a way to trigger a macro by (a) screensaver is launched; or (b) computer is idle for (x) minutes?

Maybe if the screensaver is a "window" that has a name that could trigger a macro ... but I have no idea how to find that name...

Screensaver window class usually is WindowsScreenSaverClass.

This macro shows screensaver window name and class. Run this macro and then, during 10 seconds, run screensaver (Control Panel -> Display -> Screen Saver -> Preview).

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int h=win(mouse)
str s.getwintext(h) ss.getwinclass(h)
out s
out ss

To run macro on idle, use Windows Task Scheduler (Properties -> Schedule -> OK -> Schedule -> New -> When Idle).

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