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Good programming practice

First, I want to thank Gintaras for providing a so useful and powerful software like Quick Macros. Big Grin I've tried some other macro tools but compared to them Quick Macros is just incredible.

But as a novice in programming software I've got some problems not to lose track of things. So far, I use lots of GOTOs in my macros. And that might be one of the main reasons for my confusion. :?

My question is:
Are there any advices or some most useful rules for a good programming practice in Quick Macros (How to structure the code? How to develop more complex macros?)?

Thanks for any help!
Usually, instead of goto, it is better to use other flow-control statements (if-else, rep, for, sel-case, ...) and user-defined functions.

I recommend to read QM Help, Programming topic (it is included starting from QM 2.1.4 or 3). Of course, there should be more about programming. I'll try to write something in the future.

Also, you can browse the System folder (in the list of macros). Although many functions in the System folder are too complex to begin learning, you will also find many quite simple functions. I'm sorry, they are almost without comments, and this is not good practice.

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