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when using net does the computer you're sending a file to have to be on the same network? or can it be on a different network if you have there computer name and ip?

Can be in other network, if you know IP.
Would you use the provided ip in the options tab?
ok im using this, but everytime it seems to fail? Any ideas?
im pretty sure everytime its returning r as 2 instead of 1?

Function Function3
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int r
str data.getfile("$desktop$\test123.txt")
str sr
r=net("" "qm201" "net_SetFile" sr "$desktop$\test123.txt" data)
if(r or sr!="1") end "failed" ;;the remote macro net_SetFile did not run or did not return 1
I cannot say more than is in QM help, net topic.
Ok i found something that might be wrong, the firewall part...
What exactly needs to be disabled for this to work?
Another thing i found, if i use the ip found in the qm options returns value as 1...if i use ip found using it returns value as 2.

from what i read if it returns value cant find the computer.
if it returns value 2...there are many things, including firewall...port is in use.

so maybe this can be a problem?

also...does it matter what port i enter?
does it have to be same on both computers?

Normally when you first time check "Allow other computers..." in QM Options, Windows shows you a dialog where you can allow QM to use the port or not. Or you can add exception for QM in firewall settings.

Use ip that returns 2.

Must be same port on both computers.
Ok all of that is done, still returning as 2 and failing.
Do you have any idea's why this would be failing if the windows firewall is shut off, same port on both, secified ip, password are all right, but it still wont return value 0 and work?

Don't know other reasons. Try to disable/enable network adapters, especially on the receiving computer.
How would i go about doing that?
Somewhere in control panel -> network connections, there are network connection icons.
Or restart computers. It resets network adapters.
ok did that on both sending and recieving comps and tried multiple times, still doesnt work.
sometimes it returns value as 2 and sometimes it is 1.
im lost on why this wont work when i tryed everything so far.

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