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Mouse Coordinates ???
I'm having trouble with mouse coordinates. I measure precise x,y points where I want "lef" to happen in firefox window, and when I run macro it goes well for certain number of clicks, and just like that, cursor does not click on specific spots. Then I rearrange coordinates and so on... Also, when I ran macro on other PC which has same resolution, window size, etc. I also need to adjust coordinates... Sad

Click in web page?

To make macro that works with a web browser independent from window position/size, theme, splitter position, number of toolbars, tabs, "remember password" bars, "blocked popup" bars, number of ads, page data or design changes, etc, instead of lef use accessible object functions.

This will click "Mouse Coordinates ???" link wherever it is.
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Acc a=acc("Mouse Coordinates ???" "LINK" win("Quick Macros Forum • Post a reply - Mozilla Firefox" "MozillaUIWindowClass") "MozillaContentWindowClass" "" 0x1001)
a.DoDefaultAction ;;or a.Mouse(1)

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