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Loading of new Qm
Well i find that when People uninstall Qm and install a newer version I would say 50 or 60% of the time they have errors. The way we have been fixing this is to uninstall Qm reboot and install new. So was wondering if there is a way to make it reboot automatic after uninstall or if there is a way around this.
What errors they have?

Sometimes QM cannot be uninstalled or reinstalled wihout rebooting because quickm20.dll is locked by some background program eg windows updates. Then the install/uninstall program notifies the user about it and reboots on Yes.
well it has been many different errors I think it may have something to do with the system files I'm not sure but all we have to do is uninstall it and reboot then install again.I will get the errors next time but i know most of them are errors with Dialog.Always says missing files or something i will have to see the next person who has problem.Maybe you could have an uninstall Qm file maybe I could make a exe that would uninstall it and reboot there pc automatically. Well any advice would be great.

Thanks For Everything,

Quote:Maybe you could have an uninstall Qm file
It is unins000.exe, or may be unins001.exe etc. Look here how to get its path and run and wait.

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