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More Samples
There are some good samples to start with but i do think it would help people get going faster if there were more. I downloaded 'Samples2' from somewhere on the forums and that had some really great stuff in it maybe that should be included in the default install? It would also be really good to see some larger more complicated example applications to illustrate the best practices in code styles/techniques. Love the app, support is top notch, keep up the great work.
check out my blog (link in sig) and start with lesson 1.
An old blog on QM coding and automation.

The Macro Hook
Thanks Ken, i have seen your site, some great info there. Maybe you should offer some of your code examples to be distributed with the app? There are people that will never come to these forums and even more than will never make it to your site. And while you could just say well thats their dumb fault for not looking hard enough for the answers I think the more that is front of them to start with the better.

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