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from point to point, how to slow?
yes... i just got the program, which is awesome, but INSANLY complex, and i havnt had much exp before, so im trying to make sumtin simple, ok, i wanna make something click 1 point on a IE window, wait 5-7 seconds, then move to ANOTHER point and click, then repeat, over, and over. but im unsure of #1 how to loop macros #2 how to put a time delay between them, any help? Sad
also, this really is a amazing macro program, never seen anything so usful Tongue if i can figure this thing out properly, im probly gonna buy it in the end, countless things this is useful for =p
heres the easiest way to do it.
have qm "record" you doing the process (CASr). when the little box comes up, click the first dropdown box and choose real (if it already isnt). then do the clicking (in real time) that you want it to do. when you're done click new on the recording dialogue box.

it will look something like this
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spe 10
int w1=act(win("Quick Macros" "MozillaWindowClass"))
lef+ 411 487 w1; 0.14
lef- 412 486 w1; 1.27
dou 334 441 w1; 3.80
dou 393 661 w1

test it...

now that you have it what you want to do is put the whole thing into a "rep" command.

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,spe 10
,int w1=act(win("Quick Macros" "MozillaWindowClass"))
,lef+ 411 487 w1; 0.14
,lef- 412 486 w1; 1.27
,dou 334 441 w1; 3.80
,dou 393 661 w1

putting the spe command in the "rep" block isnt nessesary but its easy.
this command will repeat for ever. if you want it to repeat for only 10 times it would look like this: "rep 10".

Let me know if there are any problems.
ohhh, i see. cool tyvm Smile 1 other question i thought of, how would i make a macro, to run when a certain text string appears? like, say the word i want this to run on is "moo" when moo appears on the screen, which it wont till a certain task is finished, how would i get a macro, to run so something like telling me this word has been seen. (hope i didnt confuse ya 2 much i did my self x_x)
is the text string in a window tittle?
ok, lets put it simpler. say a specific word like "moo" appears on my IE screen, it'll trigger a macro and do it's action. simple enough?
well the only way i can think of is to have it copy everything into the clipboard and then set a var to your clipboard and then search the var for the string of choice but that req a lot of interaction with the browser and will interfere with you interacting with it...and it's not ellegant at all!!!
sounds pretty eh.. complex. i've played with MUDS, and such, and they had triggers that wer ungodly simple, but worked, isnt their something LIKE that (if u know what muds are and such)

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