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Delete registry File
hi can someone tell me how to delete a registry file

everytime i go to run, and type in regedit
i look in the Registry Editor and this file appears from a graphics program i have
it makes the graphics program open really slow

how can i delete it?

i tried del but i cant find the file path to it

and the format is REG_BINARY

Thanks very much, i just need to make a macro delete it so i dont have to go into all of that everytime and delete it by hand
rset can be used to delete registry values and keys.
yes i have tried this but it wont work

could u tell me what is wrong with my code

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str a
rset a "" "\Software\Jasc\Jasc Animation Shop 3\NewInitialIP" "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" -1|REG_BINARY

i tried reading in QM help on deleting
and i saw rset could delete
so i came up with this code from what i read and it still doesn't work

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rset "" "NewInitialIP" "Software\Jasc\Jasc Animation Shop 3" HKEY_CURRENT_USER -1

deletes value "NewInitialIP" from key "Software\Jasc\Jasc Animation Shop 3" in hive HKEY_CURRENT_USER.
So will that code completely delete that key in the registry?

i want it to basically do what it would do
when i go into registry editor right click that key, and hit delete

It deletes only the value.
If "NewInitialIP" is a key (ie not a value), to delete it change -1 to -2.
the -1 works great

it makes it go away when i try to find it

Thanks very much

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