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i am having a problem with my macro because i have it set to exit out of error messages, but it doesnt exit the right one, i have it act the error message but the error message has the same id and text id as the other ones, is there a way to individiually X or close it. would i use str and make it a variable?

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int h=wait(5 WV "Message Box Title") ;;message box
int hh=child("" "Static") ;;control that displays message text
str s.getwintext(hh) ;;message text
if(find(s "all or part of message text")>=0) ;;if contains specific text
,clo h ;;close the message box. Alternatively, close with lef or key.

Alternatively, create other macro (actually, it must be function) that would close the message box. It must have window trigger so that would run when the message box appears. In QM 2.1.4, you can set window trigger to recognize windows with specific text inside.

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