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Macro Stopped?
Is there a way to restart the macro when it stopps, the arrows r still read but it doesnt do the commands i said to do, is there a way that if it did that, liked stopped for 5 seconds, to restart it from the begginning ?
Is it waiting for some window? Can you post the macro here?
ya it does, but could it stop because of the speed of it ? i was just wondering why it stops, no big deal but if i can fix it that would be great
I believe you can fix the macro so that it would not wait when not necessary. But if you want just restart it, the following method should work. In Properties, select Priority Terminate. Then, when you launch the macro again while it is already running, currently running instance is terminated, and new instance starts.
when i run it it runs, but then after a while when it opens a new window it stops and another window is active instead of that window
would i have to put, if(!IsWindowVisible etc. and if not, restart?

i also wanna know what is faster or better for this, int or str, whats the difference
I have to see the macro, only then I can say something.

Use int for numbers, str for text.
well thanks anyway, i can deal with the stopping , thanks for all ur help
ok i have a new problem can u fix this so it reads it faster

key Y

can u make it so it reads if its visible faster or soemthing
IsWindowVisible is very fast function.
id too.
To make Y faster, place spe at the beginning of the macro. Anyway, key command waits until it is processed by the target application. So maybe the application slows down.
is there another key that i can have it click or hit the OK button on a window besides lef, or is lef the best way to go ?
Try "Controls, menus" dialog, "Button" action.


but id(1 "Dialog")

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