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overlapping sounds
Well, I have forgone my plans for a flashing "icon" on my screen to let me know when a certian function is operating and gone with a really nicely done STNG main engine background noise. It's just enough ambient noice to let me know something is going on with out getting in the way of other things.

However, when using the bee command it seems that the second bee command stops the currently running wav file. Is there a way to have them over lap?
I don't know a simple method to play several sounds simultaneously. But if you want to play only single long sound at a time, and be able to bee'p without interrupting it, you can use your favorite media player. Start the media player and load the sound. Let it run in the background. The macro can start/stop the sound in the player with men or other command.

Example with Windows Media Player 10:

Copy      Help
men 18808 "Windows Media Player"
5 ;;here is the macro
men 18809 "Windows Media Player"
Thank you for good idea (play music while macro is running). Now QM has Play function that can be used for this purpose.
sweet!!! this is awesome....keep up the great work!!!

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