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QM Dialogs
i find it not good that some of the internal qm dialogs do popup
on left top.

i have a fresh vista ultimate installation,so i am not sure if it is vista
or qm issue.

it would be nice when the dialogs will remember their position.

I want to decide where the find acc should appear.
Works well here, ie remembers position.
How if you remove MoveWindowToMonitor in EA_Dialog?
uhm, for the last time ... i promise

what is the best way to make changes in system.qml ?
to make sure that updates will cause no troubles ?
In this case you cannot make your copy of a System function. Youll have to edit the original function. The modifications will be lost when upgrading or reinstalling QM.

To edit something in System folder:
1. Right click System folder, select Folder Properties, uncheck Read-only, OK.
2. Edit.
3. Right click System folder, select Export Folder, OK, Save, Yes. Also you may have to remove readonly attribute of system.qml file. On Vista you also may have to close UAC dialog.
sounds like a great 'branch' opportunity :wink:

you could keep a copy of the text of the system function in another macro then script the system function to be 'writeable' then copy over the text via getmacro and then inject the code into the system function newitem.
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The Macro Hook
Thank you ken. This function implements your idea.
Function QmReplaceSystemFunction
Copy      Help
function $funcSystem $funcReplaceTo

;Use this function to automate modifications of System functions, macros, toolbars and menus.
;Replaces text of funcSystem (a function or macro etc in System folder)
;with text of funcReplaceTo (a function or macro etc somewhere else).
;Replaces only text, but not trigger or other properties.
;Saves the changes in System.qml file. Please ignore the 'QM does not save changes...' warning.

str sysfile="$qm$\system.qml"
int idsys=qmitem("System"); if(!idsys) ret
if(val(_s.getmacro(idsys 8))) end "System folder is read-only. Right click it, select Folder Properties and uncheck read-only."

str s.getmacro(funcReplaceTo)

out "%s successfully replaced." funcSystem
if(!SilentExport(+idsys sysfile 3)) out "Warning: failed to save. To save manually, export System folder." sysfile

err+ end _error
ahhhhhhhwwww....that would have been a great fork too.....sigh....
An old blog on QM coding and automation.

The Macro Hook

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