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Downloading from a Web Page
Hi group,

I just recently downloaded quick macros and it seems like a very powerfull program. The main reason that I downloaded the program is to be able to download information from a website.

I have the ability to go on a sales lead site. I create a search criteria and execute the search. At this point is when I want the macro to kick in.

The result is displayed on multiple pages that display 25 records at a time. The page has a button for selecting all records, a next page button (or a go to page field), and a download button. Users are only allowed to download 50 records at a time.

I want to create a macro that can go download all the records but 50 at a time. For example, if the search result is for 225 records, it will select and download page 1 and 2, then it will go back in to download 3 and 4 until finish.

I have no idea even where to start programing something like that.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

This should be possible, but quite complex. Maybe you can give the link? Do you use Internet Explorer?

business database.

Normally any person with a library card can get in.

I would really like to create such macro, but I need access to the page with search results. To create such macro, I need to know exact page layout and behavior. Maybe enough would be to email me single saved page.

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